Forcefield 2
2009, life-sized door/wall fragment.

A door seemingly sliced out of a room stands on a plinth in the center of Get This Gallery. Both sides bear evidence of attempts to kick it in. Who? Why? Why both sides? What happened next? Ben Roosevelt provides no answer to this puzzle. We are left with the suggestion of desperation, aggression and, perhaps, stalemate.

            – Catherine Fox, excerpt from Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The cumulative sense of indifference approaches climax and finds its apogee in Roosevelt’s central sculpture Forcefield, a cross section of a door that has been kicked-in on both sides…The visual residue of this action—the double-crushed door handles—allows the viewer to become part of the scene. The door’s mirror-like reverse side signifies the inscrutability of a narrative already set in motion: We simply cannot escape this open and inviting spectacle.

            – Eric Hancock, excerpt from

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